Dalton Harris and his mother put Sanguinetti on the map

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dalton-harris-on-instagram-i-will-not-respond-with-anger-or-frustration.jpgThe district of Sanguinetti in Clarrendon is in the spotlight thanks to an ongoing feud of sorts between X Factor finalist Dalton Harris and his mother Sylvia Campbell. Both the Star's Daraine Luton and Loop's Claude Mills travelled down there this week to interview Dalton's mother.

Quite frankly Mills' article was a turn-off with its introduction being patronising at best, or downright peurile, at worst.

"When one meets 52-year-old Sylvia Campbell, the mother of 24-year-old X Factor finalist Dalton Harris, one is immediately struck at how assured and good looking she is for her age. One can readily see that she was a heart-breaker in her more youthful days, and still is potentially today." Seriously? What the hell!!!! He's writing as if the woman is 92, instead of 52.

Anyway, that aside, he managed to write about her sorrow at Dalton's stories of abuse and Sylvia even totally dismissed rumours of her son being gay.

The story in the Star, however, had more substance:

"If nobody did tell me seh Javon (the name she calls Dalton) woulda do me this, me woulda fight dem. Mi think Javon woulda run to me rescue. Me never think Javon woulda disgrace me, but it all right," she moaned.

"It feel bad fi know the same person when yuh a shout fah, him a bash yuh. It hard," added Sylvia.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that persons have called her names such as 'dutty b**ch' and 'miserable madwoman' as a result of Dalton's claims that he was severely ill-treated as a child.

Chyrell Freeman, Sylvia's friend, said the X Factor singer's mother has been depressed all week. She had read in the media about alleged abuse that her son experienced as a child, and was crestfallen. Sylvia was drinking tea made from turmeric when THE WEEKEND STAR visited the two-room rented house, which she occupies along with her two youngest children.

The tea, Sylvia said, is to help control her blood pressure, which she said has shot through the roof.

Dalton, 24, is tipped to win this year's X Factor UK, but instead of anxiously awaiting his crowning moment, Sylvia is a wreck.

Dalton recently told the UK Mirror newspaper that he was abused as a child.

"There are more on my chest, arm, shoulder, back, thighs, legs and feet. I was punched so hard by a guy dating my mum, I crashed through a window."

"I was told that I should walk into the road and kill myself," said Dalton.

Sylvia insists that her son has been speaking half truths and may have decided to employ them as a means of deflecting attention from the homophobic fury which came after a photo of him sitting in a fellow contestant's lap went viral.

"Him a nuh gay nor nutten," she said, while insisting that the comments are part of a public relations ploy being employed by Dalton.

Still, she loves her son to death, she says.

"My son was my everything and still is. The way me hurt last week, me nuh watch the competition. Me proud a me son because each time me a seh: 'God, look which part me a come from with Dalton and look weh him reach.' But me cut up over the things weh him a talk seh," she said.

With tears streaming down her face and her voice cracking, Sylvia wailed: "Javon, bring disgrace pon me, oh God!"

"After how him daddy treat me and mi siddung wid dem same way. Only time me left dem a when me go work."

Dalton is set to receive one million pounds the equuivalent of one hundred and seventy-two million Jamaican dollars if he wins the X Factor competition this weekend.