Two killed in robbery attempt of licensed female firearm holder

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crime-scene-gun.jpgOn Sunday morning, two men were shot and killed in East Kingston, in a reported robbery attempt, involving a licensed firearm holder. One has been identified as Andre Smith of West Avenue in east Kingston.,

According to reports, Smith was among several men who held up a licensed firearm holder at her home.

It's understood that shortly before 1am, the men surprised the woman while she was about to enter her house. The armed men relieved her of her firearm and barged into the house. A relative of the woman made an alarm and another firearm holder challenged the men. During an exchange four persons were shot, including a schoolgirl.

The police were called to the scene, and all four were taken to hospital, where two of the intruders, including Smith, were pronounced dead, and the wounded householders treated.

Preliminary reports are that the stolen firearm as well as two illegal weapons had been seized from the shooting scene.

Prior to his death, rights group Jamaicans for Justice(JFJ) had declared that Smith was a subject of persistent police abuse, harassment and death threats. JFJ had called on Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson to take action.