TMZ, Wendy, Daily Mail all give Spice White Face some attention

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grace-hamilton-on-instagram-ok-wendyshow.jpgDancehall deejay Spice has been given the international attention she craves following her white face stunt on Monday, this after deleting all her IG posts two weeks ago. Daily Mail, TMZ and the Wendy Williams talkshow are talking about the artiste. TMZ's headline reads, "Breaking News Love and Hip Hop star Spice goes all white face for album." Meanwhile, Fox Talkshow host Wendy Williams in her hot topic chat-up says, "I think it is a publicity stunt. Spice, you are winning. I don't know who you are, but I'm talking about you."

Daily Mail stated: "She joined the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for this year's season seven. And on Monday, Spice - real name Grace Hamilton - made a provocative statement on social media to promote her new mixtape. The Jamaican rapper posted to Instagram a photo of herself with white skin and blonde hair and the caption: 'Nothing wrong with a fresh start.'

Spice made her debut as a white woman on Instagram Monday after an extremely white version of the entertainer appeared on Instagram Live to perform songs from her new mixtape, Captured. Her antics has landed her in the number one spot in the UK and the US in less than 36 hours.

Meanwhile many are labeling Spice actions a publicity stunt after watching the video for her new song Black Hypocrisy that was released this morning (23/10/18) in which she sings about colourism and loving her black complexion.

Spice is currently promoting her Mix Tape Captured. The new project distributed by Happilos features songs such as Under Fire, Gum, Cool it, Black Hypocrisy, Fake, and the title track Captured which sees the dancehall entertainer taking jabs at VP Records.

The self-proclaimed queen of stage who signed a five-year album deal with the label in 2009, says VP is yet to put out an album. On the track Captured, Spice belted out lyrics about being held hostage.

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