Spice's white-face debut still the talk of the town

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grace-hamilton-on-instagram-since-the-photo-was-photoshopped-how-did.jpgSpice's returns to Instagram on Monday after she had deleted all the images and videos she had on the social media platform a couple of weeks ago has been marked with a white-face transformation designed to get people talking and her new single selling.

Sporting long blonde hair complemented by a much lighter, unblemished skin colour, Spice, who is known for being very dark-skinned, captioned the picture on Instagram page, saying: "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." After she uploaded the picture, social media went wild, with several persons speculating whether the Back Bend deejay had bleached her skin or the image was photoshopped. Interestingly, when Spice performed in Canada on the weekend, she had a darker complexion.

Mere minutes after, Spice posted her new look on social media, the #spicechallenge #freshstart challenge was born, with several person who had toned their skin or were in the process of lightening their complexion posting before and after images on Instagram, with the caption: "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." There were also dark-skinned persons who resorted to using photoshop or rubbing white substances like flour on their skin to achieve a 'whiter' look.

However, speaking on her Instagram live, during an interview with Billboard writer, Pat Meschino, she said that the 'new' Spice is a response to 'black hypocrisy' as persons from her own race often criticise her for being 'black.'

"It is not racism because racism is when another race is downplaying another race. I don't think it is so much about that now, I think it is about colourism, where it is your own race that is downplaying their own race. It's always a next black person saying: 'She black eeh. Lawd, she black till she shine. Lawd, she black till she look dirty."

Grace Hamilton on Instagram: "Since the photo was photoshopped. How did i video shop this on snap chat? 🤣🤣🤣😂. Guess what ? I changed my mind when you wake up tmro my..."