Sean Paul to assist with costs of relocating welding plant near stadium pool

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sean-paul-photo-8.jpgSean Paul gives financial assistance to relocation of welding plant

Grammy award winning artiste, Sean Paul, having made a call for a welding plant located near the National Stadium pool, to be relocated due to the possible health hazard it presents has offered to to provide the financial assistance to the relevant authorities to complete the move.

"I am passionate about Jamaica's athletes and the energies they put into representing our country. I am also conscious of potential health and safety risks for everyone who chooses to use the facility. Not only swimmers, but netball and basketball athletes, parents, coaches, lifeguards, vendors and all staff of the stadium are equally negatively affected as they are all in close proximity to the plant. In light of this, I am petitioning for permanent removal of the welding site from the pool area to a more conducive place on the stadium grounds with very little hindrance to the workflow that, I understand, is necessary for the welding plant," he said.

Sean Paul further noted that following his recent comments on social media regarding the air pollution resulting from the welding site in close proximity to the National Stadium swimming pool, he very appreciative of the swift response by Major Desmond Brown, the general manager of Independence Park Limited -- the outfit that manages the stadium complex includes the pool.

Sean Paul is a former national waterpolo player.