Reid tells principals not to pressure parents about fees; says schools collect money and put it on fixed deposit

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ruel-reid-photo-1.jpgEducation Minister Senator Ruel Reid has cautioned school administrators to manage their budgets wisely and not to place undue pressure on parents to plug shortfalls. Senator Reid has again reminded administrators that only voluntary contributions are to be requested of parents at the secondary level.

He was addressing the Conference of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals held on Sunday.Mr. Reid said with so many families struggling financially, the government has made efforts to give adequate funding to schools.

"We can't go back to the stage where we are forcing the parents to make the contribution and then we lock the money up in fixed deposit... It creates social problems because the same poor parents that we have to contend with out there complain. They say that they can't support that policy," argued the minister.

He said all school budgets have been received and will be scrutinised.