Outrage over homosexual agenda in sweets sold at school gate

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cici-liquid-candy.jpgThe Sunday Gleaner reported that a new liquid candy being marketed to the children at primary schools across the island, with a symbol that appears to be rainbow-coloured male genitalia, has sparked outrage from some parents and children advocates. The CiCi liquid fruit candy comes in colourful packages featuring minions, the fictional yellow creatures that appear in the popular Despicable Me movie franchise.

One package of the liquid candy features a female minion, who is yet to appear in the movies. She is a seemingly young girl wearing a skirt and an exposed brassiere, with the rainbow coloured image and a 'ME&U' trademark, also on the front.

The candy is being sold in downtown Kingston in some wholesales at $220 for a pack of 12, and at school gates for between $30 and $40 each. It has two manufacturing addresses, India and China, and is described on the package as a sugar-boiled confectionery with its main ingredients being glucose syrup and citric acid.

Last week, several parents cried foul as they pointed to the rainbow-coloured image on the package.

"Even though it's not a large image, it's on the packaging nonetheless, and I really wouldn't want it giving my child any ideas," said Penny, mother of a seven-year-old girl.

"A so dem do poor people pickney all the time. Tek time influence them wid them out-a-order business. If me see my pickney wid it me a dash it weh. It don't look right," said another parent.

"If it was a liquor or something then you could understand. Me know people a go say it small and it might not be a big deal but something about it no sit right with me, especially the thing squirting out the tip, that just look wrong," added one parent.