Lacovia High student in fight with her mother at the school-gate is missing

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The teenage student from Lacovia High School in St Elizabeth who had a fight with her mother in front of the school is now missing from home. According to the police, attempts to locate the girl at her home and her relatives' houses have so far been futile.

"The girl apparently ran away from home ... at this point, we could soon be putting out a missing person report for the child," a police insider said.

The video of the tussle between the child and her mother has been circulating online. The three-minute video clip shows the girl, who is in school uniform, is seen fighting her mother at the front of Lacovia High while being jeered by a group of students looking on. During the tussle, both the Lacovia High girl and her mother fell to the ground.

The video has triggered mixed reaction from Jamaicans. Some people criticise the woman apparently going to her daughter's school to beat the child, while others say the girl was out of order for fighting her mother.