Government owed JPS $7-BILLION, but poor people can't owe them $7-hundred

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Jackass seh the world doan level and that is so true. A report that caught our radar says that the government of Jamaica is paying off the SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS that it owes JPS, the company which supplies electricity for the entire island. The money is owed for street light, which tax-payers are already heavily taxed for.

Can we take a moment to wrap our heads around this one, please. We are talking BILLIONS here --- not millions. And if it was in the millions, it would also be bad. But BILLIONS!!!!!!??????


Now, this is the same JPS who householders cant owe $500 or else dem come and lock off yuh light, and then send you bill wid big re-connection fee when yuh finally pay.

So, government money and poor people money a different money?

What kinda example di government setting by not paying them bills and den want to carry people go court over GCT?

How government fi ah waste tax-payer money suh?

How much of that $7-BILLION represents interest?

More questions than answers.

Finally......who else di government owe and a mek interest run up to billions and then want wring it out of the poor taxpayer?