Four arrested after big guns and ammunition find in barrels at wharf

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arrested -photo-1.jpgFour men are now behind bars after a cache of firearms, including an Uzi sub-machine gun, and more than 600 rounds of ammunition were found in a barrel at the wharf in Kingston yesterday. The police say two of the men were arrested at the wharf while the others were apprehended in secondary operations.

Law enforcement sources say the Uzi sub-machine gun, along with nine pistols, 26 magazines and the bullets were stashed in a barrel that also contained food items. The barrel was shipped from the state of Georgia in the United States and listed the recipient as a man in the Kingston 6 area, police sources revealed.

According to reports, detectives from the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Division (C-TOC) conducted a snap operation at Berth 7 at the Kingston Container Terminal where the barrel was scanned and "anomalies" discovered.

The weapons were found during a subsequent search.

Ammunition found

243 - 9mm bullets

100 - 5.56 bullets

100 - 7.62 bullets

130 - .40 bullets

50 - .45 bullets

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