Dr Wayne West says CiCi candy is spreading Homosexual Message to children

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cici-liquid-candy.jpgChairman of the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, Dr Wayne West, also condemned what appears to be the use of a popular movie character, the Minios, to spread the homosexual message to children.

"This is part of the desensitisation of our children and there are significant forces behind this," Dr. West reportedly told The Sunday Gleaner.

He said this desensitisation is being spread by some feminist groups and members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community, among others, who fit into a cultural Marxist philosophical framework.

"Most people are aware of Marxism as an economic phenomenon, but they are not aware of Marxism as a cultural phenomenon which seeks to bring down all traditional roles, family, marriage and values that we hold. I see the candy as just another effort to indoctrinate children, to desensitise them ... and I'm sure it is carefully orchestrated by significant persons," declared West.

He argued that it has been recognised that the sooner you begin to indoctrinate children the better it is, and five years old is the age which those with their agendas will look to start."We speak about these things but they are not occurring in isolation. You hear people making aggressive attempts to get what they call 'comprehensive sexuality education' in the schools, and this is just about what this candy is doing, desensitising children to sex and making them (believe) that in their approach to sex anything is permissible and at any age too," charged West.