Businessman shoots gun-man during robbery attempt

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crime-scene-gun.jpgA would-be robber was shot by his intended victim in downtown Kingston on Friday.

Reports are that about 5:30 p.m., the business operator was sitting in his vehicle close to his place of business when he was approached by two men armed with guns. A police source said the men held up the business operator and demanded that he hand over his money and other items of value.

Reports are that one of the men began slapping around the business operator who appeared unwilling to respond to the demands of the thugs.

What took place later has left several members of the public in shock.

"While they were there harassing the businessman he managed to pull his gun and opened fire," said one alleged eyewitness.

Shocked and confused the men who were trying to rob the business operator turned and began running from the location as the sound of gunfire rang out.

Reports are that one man from the group was shot and injured. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police from Kingston Central, who have since confirmed the reports, say they are searching for the other man who managed to escape.

The exact location of the business was withheld because of security reasons.