Betty-Ann Blaine says candy at school gate is packaging the homosexual agenda

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cici-liquid-candy.jpgChildren's advocate Betty Ann Blaine, has charged that the controversial candy being sold to primary school children is another effort by the homosexual political movement to condition children.

"If you look at some of the initiatives being taken globally, children are being taught about homosexuality and transgenderisim, and it is being done at the youngest ages," Blaine told The Sunday Gleaner.

"So I am not surprised that they are packaging the homosexual agenda and ideology and focusing on the children. I am only alarmed and distressed that it has reached Jamaica, it is at our school gates, and our children, who are so innocent, gravitate to it because the minions are so popular," added Blaine.

She argued that Jamaica has to take a stance on the conditioning of the nation's children.

"Our Government has to be vigilant as far as these types of candies are concerned. I think that they should be pulled off the market and we should know who is importing them and who is monitoring what is being sold at school gates," declared Blaine.