Beres' Love and Harmony cruise prepares for the high seas in 2019

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beres-hammond.jpgThe sounds of Jamaican music and culture will be high on the list of entertainment during the third annual staging of the Love and Harmony Cruise set to sail away April 13-18 next year. Another strong line-up of acts is set to take to the high seas led by legendary Jamaican crooner Beres Hammond.

"I love it," Hammond said of the annual cruise, and the entertainment package for next year's voyage during a media junket at his Harmony House studios in St Andrew Tuesday.

"This year I find myself mixing with a whole host of Jamaican legends and there is nothing I like better than to share the stage with some of these folks who I think are simply fantastic. And then this year they have the Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston, kinda turn dem inna Jamaican, blend them into the whole thing, which is like icing on the cake. So what else can I say but just come out if you want and just come cruise with us," Hammond added.

R&B legend Gerald Alston, who was also in the house, said it was a no-brainer for the Manhattans to accept the call to be part of the package on Love and Harmony 2019.

"It's really like performing at home. The only difference is we are on a cruise. The truth is that with an audience like this we know the love we are gonna get from the fans. So we jumped at the opportunity to party with our fans and have a good time," Alston said.