52-year-old police corporal and a teenager held with illegal guns

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A police corporal and a teenager were arrested in Newlands, Portmore, St. Catherine Tuesday night.

The 52 year-old corporal and the 18 year-old boy were held with two illegal firearms, including an AK 47 rifle and a quantity of ammunition during a snap raid in Myers Lane.

The policeman is suspected to be a member of the Umbrella Gang which operates in Newlands. Superintendent Leighton Grey, head of Operations for the St. Catherine South Police, said about 8:30 p.m. his division was contacted by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Division (C-TOC) for assistance.

They intercepted a motor car which was being driven by the policeman. When the vehicle was searched, an AK 47 rifle with the serial number obscured, a magazine containing fifteen rounds of ammunition and a Taurus nine millimetre pistol were found.

The policeman's licensed firearm was also seized.

A pair of licence plates was reportedly found in the trunk of the car.

A man suspected to be the intended recipient of the guns escaped. He reportedly goes by the alias Terror Blacks. The policeman and the teenager are to be questioned by detectives from C-TOC.

The Police High Commmand has ordered a top level investigation into the suspected link between the police corporal and the criminal gang.

While the cops were arresting the police corporal and teen, heavy gunfire broke out in sections of Newlands. Members of the Umbrella gang reportedly invaded a section of the community and this led to a gun battle.

A man was arrested and placed under police guard Wednesday morning when he turned up at Kingston Public Hospital with a bullet wound to his mouth. C-TOC investigators say he is a member of the Umbrella gang.

There has been a flare-up of gang violence in Newlands since last weekend.Superintendent Grey said the friction between two gangs was triggered by a robbery.