Tifa says the music biz is just too nasty...she wants to retire

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tifa-photo-3.jpgNASTY! That is the word Tifa is using to describe the Dancehall music business. As a matter of fact, it is so nasty that Tifa wants to quit.

During a radio interview last week, the Dancehall diva explained why she has been saying that she is tired of it all.

"The industry has gotten nasty.... I think it is the nattiest i have even seen it," Tifa said.

According to Tifa, Dancehall is now filled with "a lot alliances and buyouts." She alleged that industry insiders are paying disc jocks not to play other artistes songs, sponsoring shows not to add other entertainers on the lineup plus a slew of other corruption.

She also charged that persons are trying to hold her down to try let others rise. Tifa shared that she has been in Dancehall for over 10 years and does not believe she should be fighting for her place.