Shenseea lays claim to the throne---says she is the Dancehall Princess

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shenseea-ig.jpgSpice has called herself the queen of the Dancehall and now Shenseea is the queen-in-waiting, as she has dubbed herself the princess. Well fans had quite a lot to say about that on social media -- both positive and negative.

It all started when Shenseea posted a picture of herself and Spice with the following caption:

"In the middle of my performance she walked in and some of her #Smurfs saw her and started to create excitement! She literally STOPPED until I finished my song to avoid any disturbances..and for that my Team and I have a different level of respect for you @spiceofficial πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ, she said

"Spice a di Queen, so me a wah? Nuh must Princess! Who next? Just face it a so di ting set! 🎢 PS: U cut off your legs for specific reasons me wish me cudda cut out my face cause I just performed so my hair and make up all messy🀣🀣🀣 #nuffLove#SugarANDSpice #HardWorkingFemales#Dancehall πŸ‡―πŸ‡²" .

Below are some of the comments that greeted Shenseea's claim to the royal title:

"no sah.. Khalia is on the same level of no talent as Shenocean.. Goodly worse. Better u root for Vanessa Bling 😩," one fan wrote while another lamented "Shensea ain't no prinny.... Spice barely a d queen so how she fi b princess... Shensea deven have 3 hits inna r career."

However, the commentary was not all negative for the deejay as Shenseea did receive some support from several fans.

"@shenseea a definitely the princess after nuh body else nah work as hard or have the numbers like her," one fan wrote in her defense.

The debate rages on. Is Shenseea really the Dancehall Princess?