New 4-month ganja course on developed for Jamaican pharmacists

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ganja-image-5.jpgThe University of Technology (UTech) Pharmacy Alumni (UPA) and the Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy Practice and Research (CIPPPAR) have developed a new "farm to pharmacy" short course on medical cannabis for Jamaican pharmacists.

The four-month course was developed by Associate Professor, UTech, Jamaica, Dr Ellen Campbell Grizzle with the support from Leaf of Life Jamaica Limited, which will provide technical expertise in the area of pharmacology, prescribing and dispensing of medical cannabis. The course, which is primarily online, also brings together experts from Jamaica and the United States who are said to be adding their cutting-edge technology to the training.

"We looked at the offerings now available for pharmacists in the medical cannabis space and recognised that these were not adequate for the needs of the medical cannabis patient and industry in emerging states and cultures like ours. The dynamics in our situation require that we avoid segmenting pharmacists training as narrowly as done elsewhere. The course builds on the strong training in pharmacology and dosing that pharmacists possess," Campbell Grizzle said in a release.

She noted that participants will be required to complete an action research project that offers solution-oriented outcomes.The first cohort is set to complete the course in November 2018.

"We are confident that our approach to training will be meaningful to our pharmacists and attract the attention of pharmacists regionally and globally," Campbell Grizzle said.