"Fully dunce" nothing to glorify, police emphasise

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The police are lamenting the trend emerging in some inner-city communities, involving youngsters widely using a set of new slang to praise individuals who display deviant behaviour, and who openly promote that they are fully illiterate and therefore lack all forms of normal reasoning.

The police said the term 'fully dunce' is becoming hip and trendy in some communities, and is now being used by persons to declare their willingness to resort to violence to deal with issues, because they supposedly lack reasoning ability to resolve problems differently.

"It is a trend we see popping up and being displayed on social media. Individuals who are deemed members of the younger generation, using slang to praise those individuals who openly disclose that they are illiterate," said a senior officer from the St Andrew South Police Division in reference to intelligence across his division and further afield.

"Dark like midnight, not open to reason, and most of all, they are claiming that they are fully dunce," said the officer.

The senior policeman said while some members of the public may brush this aside as nothing serious, it is an implication that members of the security forces have to face daily when manning streets across the country.

"To think that we have now reached a stage where we are hearing individuals criticising those who strive to be educated, and (instead) praise those who are illiterate, as a matter of fact, 'fully dunce', is something that needs to be addressed," said the policeman.

He added that he felt it was time for officials in other agencies to start an educational campaign to reach out to these individuals and to outline to them that the path they are taking of praising individuals who drop out of school and are proud to say they are fully illiterate, is dangerous.

The lawman said he strongly believes that if this is not addressed quickly, sooner or later, these individuals will become hardened criminals, with a new group or generation of violence producers who are not open to reason, and this could only spell destruction for the country.

The police also said the new trend is noticeably being pushed by some entertainers.