Cops probing courthouse bomb threat

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police-federation-logo.jpgPolice say they are now doing voice analysis of a phone call made to the Half Way Tree Parish Court on Tuesday that warned of a bomb being planted at the facility.

The call brought the day's proceedings at the court to an abrupt halt and forced the evacuation of the building.

Police said the bomb squad was called and, after a search of the building, nothing was found. Court resumed on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that things have returned to normal, police say they are not taking the bomb threat lightly as it was the second such call made at a local court facility in less than two months.

In August, a similar call was made at a court in Duncans, Trelawny causing disruption to court proceedings.

Police sources say that, close to midday Tuesday, an individual with a foreign sounding accent called the Half Way Tree court and issued the threat. The Court Management Services (CMS) said as a result of the development, all court cases that were scheduled for Tuesday that were not dealt with up to that point of the day, were adjourned and the respective parties issued with new dates to return to court.

"We ask for the patience and understanding of members of the public as we work with the police to ensure the safety and security of all users of the court," the CMS stated in a release at the time

On August 21, police said an anonymous phone call was also the source of the scare in Trelawny, which brought the day's court proceedings to a halt as law enforcement personnel searched for a possible explosive device.