$17-M for Jennifer Edwards in unfair dismissal case

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jennifer-edwards.jpgThe National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has paid out just over $17 million to its former executive director Jennifer Edwards to settle her wrongful dismissal case.

In May the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT) ruled that the March 2105 dismissal of Edwards from the NSWMA was unjust and she should be paid three years basic salary to February 2018, plus payment for the vacation leave she would have been entitled to over the three years.

Late last week Audley Gordon, executive director of the NSWMA, told The Sunday Gleaner that with help from the Ministry of Local Government, the entity has found the money to pay Edwards.

While not confirming the amount, Gordon admitted that it was in excess of $17 million.

"The IDT ruled and we are of the opinion that this ruling should not be challenged," said Gordon.

"She served the authority and we believe in a dignified closing of this issue. We took a principled stance to make the payment and we wish her well."

Trade unionist and industrial relations consultant Lambert Brown, who represented Edwards, at the IDT, told The Sunday Gleaner that he could not confirm if she had been paid, but he was aware that the process had started.