Yanique Curvy Diva chastised for yet another video; reminded that it 'back-to-school' time

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yanique-curvy-diva.jpgMedia-vixen-turn-recording artiste, Yanique Curvy Diva, continues with her body baring antics on social media, much to the distress of some of her onlookers.

She posted a video yesterday with the caption: "Mi p@$$y clean from birth #battyjawchallenge @yaniquecurvydiva @yaniquecurvydiva

In the video she is doing what seems to be a dance to Spice's Indicator, by flexing the muscles in her buttocks.

While some showed admiration, there were others who saw it as downright vulgar, as indicated by their comments:

"Back to school time now honey some young girls out there would do with some motivation and help form you"