Priest remembers Neville Lee; his last words were 'Our God is great!'

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neville-lee-photo-1.jpgFounder of Sonic Sounds, Neville Lee, passed away on Tuesday, July 31, at Medical Associates Hospital. Renowned Roman Cathlic priest, Father Ho Lung paid tribute to Mr Lee in his article on Friday.

According to the priest, the family was all gathered around. They wept and gathered each other in their arms. Steve, the eldest of his sons, said to me, " ....his last audible words were 'Our God is great!'"

Winnie, his wife, was drawn into her husband's deep unconsciousness. He could not speak. I placed my arms around her; she was deeply absorbed looking at the face of her husband.

As she prayed, I said to the family "I do not know if he will live or he will die. That is in God's hands. We must remember St Paul's words, 'If I live, I live in Christ. If I die, I die in Christ so whether I live or die it doesn't matter it is in Christ'. We must remember that for us Christians, death is not the final end, but is only a door that opens to eternal life."

Neville Lee was a beloved friend of mine and the brothers, and of the poor. He was a wonderful family man, businessman, Christian, Roman Catholic, lover of the poor, lover of Jamaica, lover of Christ.

"Why do you and the brothers come and visit me? You are so busy. Why, why, why?"

"Because you are our friend, because you are so kind, because you love the poor," was my reply.

Tears rolled down his eyes.

Neville spoke to me with such humility about his sins.

I told him, "Neville, the Lord forgives you your sins."

He nodded gratefully. "Yes, father, I am a sinner. I have done so much wrong. Forgive me Lord, forgive me!"

"I am sure the Lord forgives you, Neville," I said.

He smiled gratefully.

Neville Lee understands the essences of life - being a family man, being faithful to his friends and his workers; feeding, caring for, loving to his wife and children; loving His Lord and the poor.

The last words he said to me was, "Keep on in your ministry to the poor. Keep serving them."

Neville had the custom of kneeling with his wife Winnie before Christ and the Blessed Sacrament every Sunday after Sunday mass at Sts Peter and Paul. He had learned this habit as a school boy at St George's College.

He turned to me and asked me, "I have taken care of my children materially; I wish for them to come closer to Christ."

I gave him the sacrament of the sick and dying.

We blessed the holy oil, anointed his head, his chest, his hands and feet - anointing of the sick and dying before the entire family. We prayed for him and read the gospel from St Matthew 11:28-30.

Meanwhile, the funeral service for Neville Lee will be held at St. Peter & Paul Church on August 28 at 1:00 pm