Park and Hundred at war AGAIN!!!!!

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Park Lane and 100 Lane off Red Hills Road in St Andrew are again at war and so far three persons have been shot dead and several others wounded.

As reported last week by Yardflex, the deadly violence resumed last Tuesday when a 37-year-old woman, Hafia Fowles, the common-law wife of a don who is in prison, was shot dead by gunmen in 100 Lane.

Her murder has been said to be directly linked to the celebrating by 100 Lane residents over the fatal police shooting of a Park Lane strongman just over one week ago.

A curfew was imposed in the area last Wednesday amid reports of planned reprisals for Fowles' death. The curfew should have been lifted Friday evening, but it has since been extended following another flare up Saturday evening, which has left two persons dead and others injured.

Reports are that the gunmen fired shots near to the entrance of Park Lane on Saturday evening and when the shooting ended, it was discovered that six persons, including a woman, had been shot. They were taken to hospital, where two persons died while undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, Lee Clarke, councillor for the Whitehall division, which includes Park and 100 lanes, is reported as saying that the residents of Park Lane are not to be blamed for the violence. He disputed reports that the don's wife was gunned down by residents of Park Lane.

"The lady from 100 Lane was killed allegedly for being an informer," said Clarke.

"Nobody from Park Lane is going to go over to 100 Lane in middle day and kill somebody. Park Lane is a community that clings together. Park Lane is not in any war with 100 Lane, and the police better keep it that way.

"There has been a threat from 100 Lane to Park Lane. People in Park Lane are depending on the police not only to keep the place quiet, but to always be on the lookout," added Clarke.

A senior police source claimed that the six persons shot near the entrance of Park Lane Saturday evening were part of a group that was urged to leave the streets by members of a police party before the shooting happened.

The Police High Command says that the curfew has been extended until Tuesday.