New police unit urged to manage traffic courteously

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Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has charged members of the newly formed Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) to be consistent in their approach to policing, arguing that it will help to win public trust and shape behaviour.

The branch was formed out of a merger of the Traffic & Highway Division and the Motorized Patrol Division.

Speaking at the launch at Harman Barracks in Vineyard Town, Kingston, Anderson said the unit's approximately 700 members will be deployed across the Corporate Area and St Catherine to ensure greater traffic management and public safety.

The branch will feature motorcycles, motorcars, bicycles and beat patrols.

Personnel, which underwent training in human rights, situational awareness, among other areas, will be outfitted in bright neon yellow uniforms and motorcycles to make them easily identified.

"The new branch should benefit the public through increased police presence and improved effectiveness in public spaces and thoroughfares; reduce incidences of traffic collisions, injuries, and fatalities; improve public trust and confidence in the police," charged Anderson.