Instagram account for DenyInstagram account for Denyque's newborn sonque's newborn son

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denique-birth.jpgEntertainer Denyque and her husband Careem Mullings are following the trend set by celebrities and have already set up an Instagram account for their newborn.

The baby, a boy named Conner Dash, was delivered on Wednesday. Connor Dash's Instagram page is private.

Denique's husband, Careem Mullings, posted photos of his pregnant wife, moments before delivery, as well as an image of the newborn in his arms.

Careem has edited his own profile to reflect the fact that he is now a father and Denyque has added 'Mama' to her profile..

Denique, a Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 finalist, had kept her pregnancy private even though persons began speculating during the time of Jamaica Carnival in April that she was expecting a child.