Ganja train won't leave station without Jamaica, says Audley Shaw

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ganja-image-5.jpgAgriculture Minister Audley Shaw says Jamaica will not be last to board the ganja train

At the opening address of the 66th staging of the Denbigh Agricultural Show, Shaw stated that the island will have got to sort out the arrangements as "we cannot allow the ganja train to leave the station without Jamaica," he told the gathering to loud cheers.

Stressing the need to shift the focus from negativity surrounding ganja and cannabis, he said that the country should instead look at the revolution that is taking place with the product.

"Some of us in Jamaica are not even aware, we are not even on the cusp of the awareness of what's happening globally with cannabis," he said highlighting the negative side effects of opiods - a class of pain-reliever drugs that include heroin and can be obtained legally.

He said that many lives have been lost because of opioid use, and for that reason, America has been studying cannabis for the past 10 years with the findings that "cannabis, the much-maligned ganja, is seen as a miracle drug coming straight from out of the ground".

Pointing out that medical cannbis is a growing industry, he said that Canada has already built a foothold in the industry.