Christians should not rush to judgement of Dancehall acts who sing gospel songs

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Bishop Everton Thompson, the pastor who performed the ceremony in which Marion Hall became an ordained minister, says once a track is a clean gospel song, Christians should not be quick to judge the artiste who sings it.

The pastor explained to THE STAR newspaper that not much is known about the lifestyle of the persons who wrote some of the ancient gospel hymns that are used during worship.

He believes that artistes who record gospel songs may intend to accept the faith, and it is the duty of the church to help them to build a relationship with God.

Bishop Thompson's comments come after a recent online squabble between Bounty Killer and producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell.

Skatta drew the ire of Bounty Killer after he commented: "Biblical gods don't exist, Killa," on a video that the deejay had posted on his Instagram page in which he spoke about the possibility of turning to Christianity.

"Bredda hold your own philosophy and thoughts about God, I'm speaking on my behalf. If that's how you felt or think about the Almighty God, your choice. But God made man and man made Bible. God inna mankind not Bible. When you did much younger and a struggle and suffer, this wasn't your outlook on God, bredda," responded Bounty Killer, who recently recorded Thank You For The Blessing with Wayne Marshall.

In addressing the issue in an Instagram live video afterwards, Skatta said that going into the church was not the right thing for Bounty Killer, who was once the self-proclaimed 'Warlord' of dancehall music.

Skatta also noted that artistes who perform violent lyrics are often judged by Christians, even if they have other songs in which they are praising God.