Woman says preacher pulled iron pipe, needles out of her vagina in exorcism of demons

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A Jamaica woman is today happy that she met a popular pastor who has reportedly helped her to overcome her case of major demon possession, right into her very vagina.

In an exclusive interview with Yardflex, the woman, named Antoinette (not her real name), expressed her relief that she finally found the problem solver man, who she says pulled a long metal pipe the length of her elbow to her wrist, all the way out of her vagina.

Antoinette told Yardflex that the celebrity preacher also extracted numerous needles out of her during the intense session.

"I have two more sessions with him before me fully cure," Antoinette explained, adding that there is a small monetary cost for each time she visits the demon slayer.

As to exactly why the nefarious creatures have found a home in Antoinette's nether region is hard to say, however, she is hailing the preacher's skill at extracting the unwanted visitors.