Suzanne Couch has died

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Musician and singer Suzanne Couch died Tuesday morning in Mexico, while reportedly undergoing treatment. Couch was battling stage four breast cancer.

She recently performed at Hope In The Hills benefit concert at Strawberry Hill in St Andrew, where she and her band captivated the audience in a stirring performance, lasting almost two hours.

"This experience has been very emotional for me," she told journalists at the concert.

"I've been wanting to do this show for two years, we had some issues getting sponsorship. Even though there were challenges I knew that I had to keep pushing because I am sick. It's incurable and it's spreading; I'm in a lot of pain and I'm taking a lot of drugs right now. The next stage after this is treatment," Couch said then.

The concert featured her daughter Sarah, along with Billboard artiste Joss Stone and was staged in support of the Hope Institute of Jamaica