Pedal cyclist dead, 2 year-old among several injured in Portland crash

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crime-scene-tape-gloves.jpgA pedal cyclist is dead and eight persons including a 2-year-old child were injured following a three-vehicle crash along Allan Avenue in Port Antonio, Portland, Saturday night..

According to a preliminary report from the police, a grey Toyota Wish motor car with three people aboard was travelling towards Port Antonio when it crashed into a taxi going in the opposite direction.

The police say the taxi was about to make a right turn unto Smatt Road when it was hit by the Toyota, which swerved into the path of a pedal cyclist, who was hit and thrown unto a concrete-paved walkway, before slamming into a grey motor car - flipping over several times before stopping on its top.

The pedal cyclist was pronounced dead on the scene by a doctor.

The three occupants of the Toyota including a six-year-old child and the driver were rushed to hospital. The four passengers who were traveling in the taxi were also taken to hospital.

The Portland police are investigating.