Mr Vegas buss the 'MEH-MEH' song

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mr-vegas-photo-13.jpgMr. Vegas isn't one to miss an opportunity to turn controversy into a song. He did it with the now infamous "Usher him out" phrase during the drama that unfolded between him and controversial pastor Gino Jennings...and he is doing it again.

He has now released a humorous new single, 'Mehmeh' following his recent mispronunciation of the word which went viral on social media..

The single, released on the MV Music label, hit the Internet Thursday night with a email blast and also on the artiste's youtube channel.

Reports are that he has already shot a video for the project which was scheduled to have been released over the weekend.

It will be interesting to see if MEHMEH will prove to be the hit that Mr Vegas is searching for.