Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 did deh wid who???????

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davina-and-di-short-man.jpgDavina Bennett...why oh why oh why????

The black queen wid di 'fro seems to be a lot of hype. Yes, she was warned...but she neva tek heed. Read below:

"Yardielovethug on March 6, 2018 at 10:03 am - Davina truth be told. ..you are headed for a world of hurt.Track records and stats don't lie.You are on the very precipice of making a deal with the devil to go over into the abyss with him.Pull back my Queen before it's too late!"

So now di mashalaa. But was it worth it? But then again, is di same ole story ...pretty black girl from di country come a town and go a di modelling agency, get 'BACKING' from rich man...solmetimes di rich man is a bigamist, a scammer, paedophile, bisexual, you name it (NOT saying dat Davina so -called rich man was any or all of these tings, but peeps, check di facts. Anyway, in Davina Bennett case, tingz blow up.

But when pickney hard ais anyting can happen.

Girl, tek some advice and doan mek dem human trafficker deh use yuh no more. Too much a dem all over entertainment and dem just deh deh fi feed di pretty young pickney dem to dem rich friend deh fi sexual gratification.

As one person commented from inna March over matey and groupie: "Him (referring to di man Davina deh wid) and Ch@#$% ddnt reached the alter facts! He Married a little girl by the name of Ch!@#$%^& facts!! I know her from LA face model agency days back in 20004 then she went and joined the model agency (NAME WITHHELD) the human trafficking agency that exploits and expose women to these men! A suh (di man Davina deh wid ) get the little girl that was tall dark, beautiful and poor, ( Ch!@#$%^&) He married her she bore him a son and their marriage is history for he was already married!,(bigamist? Anyhooot he went after a next miss university by the name of Ch@#$% engaged and shit but no marriage All (di model agency owner) do is if u dnt have no money to pay ur sponsor fee he invites his dogs to sponsor u but it comes with a price!"

Anyway, there is still a lot of love for Davina and many persons, even those who seem to be bashing her really wish the young lady well:

Anonymous on July 25, 2018 at 11:24 am - Reply "I think she needs guidance from her parents. It is not too late for her to get herself together after this MESS of a relationship! She is 21 so she can make this be her first n last major embarrassment. To be totally honest I went Clarendon College with her and she was very close with my younger sister. She does have good hair but I am tired of the Afro and the traveling and doing nothing of substance after representing and doing so well! I cannot believe this girl gave up such a title to be a white man's bitch for now. Kmt

"White men doesn't always mean success ladies, stop run down white men thinking they are the only way to garner success. Hope she learns but I think she gonna hit rock bottom soon, I hope if she does she goes only upwards after that."