It must be a virus! Mr Vegas goes viral twice in one week as MEH-MEH makes him a laughingstock

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mr-vegas-photo-13.jpgMr Vegas went viral twice last week, and now there are bets as to what he will do next.

On Thursday, the veteran recording artiste who can't seem to decide whether he is gospel or secular, sent Dancehall fans into overdrive when he uploaded a video addressing his viral memes which started circulating after he filmed a controversial shooting drama which took place on Braemar Avenue in St Andrew..

Vegas, in typical Mr Vegas fashion, said that he was not upset about being trolled and commended the creativity of those who were trolling him. He said further that Jamaicans should use the creative images to help fight crime as they are very effective on social media.(What the HELL??!!!!! Use memes ti fight crime?!!)

Anyway, during the message Vegas put both feet in his mouth when he made a gigantic gaffe that resulted in guessed it. EVEN MORE MEMES.

Vegas decided to pronounce the word "memes" as "meh-meh" and what a pre-keh it caused. Social media dragged the always-on-social-media deejay. . "Yo a one thing eno, black people talent eno," he said in the one-minute video. "Yo mi see some real creative meh-meh, addi baddest meh-meh dem."

Vegas was instantly turned into a laughing stock with several entertainers and comedians taking jabs at his meme pronunciation. The deejay later hit back with a telephone conversation with his alleged University graduate sister as they tried to convince Dancehall fans that memes should be pronounced as meh-meh.

Well, Vegas you had better put out the MEH-MEH song quick and fast before some other deejay beat you to it and turn you into a wussa laughingstock.