Dildos can unleash demons, warns pastor

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dildo-sex-toy.jpgApostle Andrew Scott of Greater Works International Fellowship is warning against the use of sex toys, in particular dildos because they are unholy they are marriage breakers and the use of dildos can attract demonic forces into homes.

Apostle Scott is encouraging single women not to be tempted to use dildos to quench their sexual thirsts but to meditate on the Word of God, and to wait until they find a suitable husband.

He said the use of sex toys among Christians is very widespread and that based on a survey he conducted, single and married women have introduced these toys in their homes and marriages and now have issues.

In a recent televised sermon, Scott implored women and couples to desist from using dildo stating that: "It can cause them to lose feelings for the natural function of a male and to accept the unnatural, which is the dildo. That woman could find that she loses interest in having intercourse the natural way, and now begin to explore other unnatural ways, for example, cherries, strawberries, whipped cream and other enticing treats to add to the female genitals," he said.

The minister stated that it is impossible for a male to compete with a sexy toy and as a result, a lot of men are now taking sexual enhancement drugs to match up to a dildo.

"Using a dildo, she can go for as long as she wants. The body usually experience a climax within 10 - 20 minutes and then recovers. With the dildo, there is no cooling down as it can run for hours and even days until the battery dies. A man cannot compete with a toy that uses batteries that lasts for hours," he said.

Scott stated that when a man falls short in the bedroom because he is unable to perform like the dildo, he is often shunned by his partner and this can often leads to a breakdown of the marriage.

"It is my understanding that some pastors may have influenced their members to use these sex toys as an alternate to comfort women in their time of loneliness, and because of lack knowledge, these pastors did not know that this lifestyle and practise came about [because of] two sisters who were harlots, Aholah and Aholibah. This lifestyle comes with spiritual consequences," he said.