Cooking gas delivery man brutally attacked, acid poured in his face; seeking help via GoFundMe

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click-here-to-support-help-ian-fray-acid-attack-survivor-organized-by-kevin-demercado.jpgLast year, gas installation driver Ian Fray was subjected to a horrendous acid attack in Spanish Town during a robbery incident which will mar the remainder of his life.

He has been hospitalised for a year now, awaiting surgery, enduring excruciating pain, his sight irreparably damaged and his face burnt and ravished beyond recognition.

Mr. Ian Fray, a beloved father, brother, son and friend was attacked September 2017 when on the job delivering gas cylinders. Ian had acid thrown on him during a robbery attempt in Spanish Town, Jamaica and sustained serious burns to majority of his body. He has been in Intensive Care since the attack, undergoing multiple surgeries. Recently, Ian began to recover some of his sight, which is great news to doctors, family and friends alike. Unfortunately, they are unable to undertake the surgery that would restore his sight completely, as his eyelids were burnt off during the acid attack, and the amniotic membrane, has to be sourced from overseas. The family is currently struggling with local hospital fees and are anticipating the other expenses associated with this surgery, including flights to and from the United States and consultations there. Ian Fray and his family have been brave and strong throughout this entire process, and we hope to be able to ease their burden by raising funds to cover this latest surgery. Please help us in supporting this courageous man!

Click here to support Help Ian Fray: Acid Attack Survivor organized by Kevin Demercado