Mavado is the popular entertainer who gave Jennifer Messado $30-MILLION for a property which he never got

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mavado-photo-12-large.jpgJamaican singjay, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado was allegedly defrauded of just over $30 million by prominent attorney Jennifer Messado. Reports are that Messado's attorney revealed, too, that she was arrested Tuesday on a fourth set of fraud-related offences and is to appear in court on Friday in relation to those charges.

These latest developments in the seemingly never-ending saga of the prominent attorney and fraud-related charges, were revealed in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Wednesday afternoon.

Messado, who was led into court in handcuffs is facing fraud-related charges linked to the sale of several properties in St Andrew.

Clerk of Court Hansurd Lawson strongly opposed bail, claiming that, among other things, she has been in contact with one of the complainants in the case and has been moving around money in her bank account related to other complainants.

Despite this, Messado was granted bail by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith in the amount of $5 million with the same conditions as her two previous cases.

The Clerk of the Court, in outlining the newest allegations against Messado, said Mavado told the police that in April 2017 he went to view to a property in the Kingston area. Mavado began making arrangements to purchase the property through his attorney, Tamika Harris.

The Clerk of the Court revealed that Mavado later paid Jennifer Messado $30.7 million for the property and signed a sale agreement and a document giving him possession. However, it was later discovered that the property was not for sale.

"The owner of the property said he does not know who Miss Messado is and never gave her permission to sell his property," Hansurd Lawson, the clerk of the court informed the court.

He acknowledged that the entertainer has been reimbursed $7 million, but is "still out of pocket for the rest of his money".

The other complainants in the case for which Messado appeared in court today are St Andrew businessman Norman Horne and his sister, Charlotte.

Horne, according to the clerk of court, was allegedly defrauded of $28 million which he paid Messado for a property located on Argyle Road in St Andrew.

It was later discovered that the property is owned by the Sports Development Foundation and is not for sale.