Grenada's Primary School Free Breakfast Program

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For those of us from the Caribbean and other third world countries, we understand the struggles that our parents faced to send us to school. Unbelievable, these struggles still occurs today; not having anything for breakfast and or lunch kept us at home not knowing what tomorrow will bring.


Today we are out to make a change and I am starting with my home country, Grenada. Let me introduce you to 'Smile Kids Grenada ', a Free Primary School Breakfast program. My wife, (Kerryann Wells) and I, (Devon Wells) launched this program as a pilot project in March 2018 at the St. Andrew's R.C. School to gather key information and to construct a structure for other schools.

Smile Kids Grenada project will provide kindergarten to grade three students on the tri-island of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique with a hot breakfast (cereal, fruits, and milk), twice a week before classes begin.

Breakfast is an essential factor that aids in one's ability to learn and perform well throughout the school day. No matter the circumstances of a child's home or the financial situation, we believe every child should have that equal opportunity to demonstrate his or her true potentials in their everyday lives.



Smile Kids Grenada is a volunteer-run program with the support of compassionate donors like you and the partnership of companies like Spice Isle Frozen Yogurt and Grenada Gospel Festival . Anyone can help make a difference in a student's life by becoming a generous donor today. Companies and corporations also have the opportunity to partner with us on this great initiative that will not only improve a student's performance in school but will nurture them to a brighter future.

September 2018 new school year, our goal is to launch this program at six other schools in Grenada as the demands and requests have overwhelmed our mailbox. We can only imagine what it will cost us to run this program but with your help and continuous donations, we can make it happen (Click Here to support).

If you would like more information or get involved with this project, please call me at 1.473.419.8732 or 416.795.6343 or email or visit


Smile Kids Grenada
Excel Plaza, Grand Anse