Get well soon, Alan Lewin

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alan-lewin-photo-1.jpg alan-lewin-photo-2.jpg Yardflex is sending lots of love and 'get well soon' wishes to ward-winning Montego Bay journalist Alan Lewin, who has had a long association with this publication.

Alan was admitted to the Falmouth Public General Hospital in Trelawny recently for treatment to multiple stab wounds allegedly inflicted upon him by three women. The veteran photo-journalist said he thought he wouldn't have survived the attack by the vicious, knife-wielding females.

"I didn't believe I would make it, and I am thankful that I am still alive," said Lewin, who entered the field of journalism more than 25 years ago.

In a recent interview, Alan is quoted as saying that on Saturday, June 1, he was at a popular eatery in Montego Bay when, at about 10:00 pm, he received a call from a female to meet her. Upon reaching the location, Lewin recalled that he was pounced upon by the caller and two other female accomplices who began to inflict multiple stab wounds all over his body.

He collapsed and was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, but was later transferred to Falmouth.

As Alan recalls, the incident started when the woman accused him of holding her sister hostage.

"She ordered me to sit in the corner, after which she started to unleash a string of expletives and asked me what I was doing with her sister around my house," he related.

Alan said he denied knowing his attacker's sister, nor the telephone number which they claimed to be his, from which the alleged missing woman made a call. The denial, he said, only served to rile up the female group.

"She showed me the number which started with 407 and my number is a 476 number. So, I said that is not my number, at which point she boxed me," Lewin recalled.

Following that, Lewin said, two of the women brandished knives which they used to stab him in the head, chest and side, while the third joined in and started to rain blows on him.

He collapsed and fell from the step at the court house building.

He said he called out for help and was rescued and taken to hospital.

The matter has since been reported to the police and detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigation Branch in Montego Bay are probing the matter.

It has been a challenging period over the past six months for Alan. He had just recovered from fracturing his foot during a football game, at the same time that he was seeking public help to raise US$3,000 (J$381,720) to acquire new equipment to continue his trade.