Frustration as NCB system failure on Monday leads to no access at ATMs or points of sale

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Hundreds of Jamaicans were left totally frassed Monday as a National Commercial Bank (NCB) system failure resulted in them being unable to carry out financial transactions at all ATMs and point of sale. Merchants had to send away custormers who tried to pay with NCB debit cards, as the transactions failed to go through.

Hundreds of persons reported being unable to pay for goods using their bank cards or to withdraw money from electronic banking machines.

One NCB customer, Tia Simmonds, was at the Cross Roads branch, where she said many people were stranded as they were unable to withdraw funds.

She said no one from the bank was available to address the concerns of the customers.

Another customer, Claire Clarke, argued that the problem ocurrs at the end of each month.

NCB advised customers Monday afternoon via its Twitter page that ABM, iABM, debit card point of sale and Quisk transactions were all unavailable.

It said all effort was being made to restore services in the shortest possible time.