JDF soldier dies at motel in Spanish Town

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jdf-soldier-dies-photo-1.jpgA member of the JDF died Wednesday night at a Guest House on Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town.

Reports are that the 33-year-old married soldier was with an 18-year-old female, and they both went to a gaming lounge to have drinks.

Reports are that the soldier had a popular stout, and the female chose a beer. Other reports are that he had about 12 energy drinks and took a Viagra tablet. The soldier and the female left the bar and went to a room on the said premises, where they had sexual intercourse.

It is further reported that the soldier went to the bathroom immediately after having completed intercourse. The female reported that she then heard a loud stumbling and gave an alarm after running from the room. The soldier was found with blood running from his mouth,nose and genitals.

He was lying on his back in the bathtub.

Police who responded found the soldier lying naked in the bathtub.

The female companion reportedly stated that during intercourse he complaint of chest pains and went to the bathroom where he collapsed. It is speculated that the Red bull and Viagra speed up his heart rate to about 15 times the normal speed.