Yanique makes video of herself p!$$ing in the bushes and she's the only one amused

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yanique.jpgAttention-seeking media personality turned Dancehall artiste, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett uploaded to social media a video of herself urinating in bushes during a recent jogging sessio and people are just not having it.

The video, which was being filmed by her friend shows the Curvy Diva going behind a wall, pulling down her tights and seemingly urinating in the bush, and then using a piece of tissue to clean up after. She later ran back into the road while pulling up her tights.

"Mi a p!$$ pon mi shoes," she said between laughter as her jogging partner informs her that someone was approaching.

However, social media thinks what she did was just plain disgusting and shows someone who is desperate for attention.

"People nowadays do things for likes. Yanique never have to post this,"one user commented and this seems to be the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of persons.

"Although everyone urinates in the bushes at least once, we really don't want to see a video of you Yanique p..sing inna bush," another user stated.

The Curvy Diva, however, laughed at the comments, stating it was pure fun, and that she was not urinating. She said that this will be highlighted in her upcoming reality series.

"Ask them if them see the wee coming out of my vagina. Mi sup'm woulda shame, so me couldn't pee in the bushes. I wasn't peeing, and people will eventually see that when my reality series is released," she said.

She, however, stated that her Instagram followers grew drastically after the video was posted yesterday.

"Me normally have like a thousand or so followers in a day, but within an hour I had 1,000. It's ridiculous," she said, before erupting into a fit of laughter.