Weed lovers to light up the spliff and the chalice at 4:20 PM

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There is something in the air today. It might just be the smell of some good, strong, sensemilia.

Today, April, 20 is being celebrated as National Weed Day in different countries across the world. The day is dubbed 420 because at approximately 4:20 p.m., weed lovers will 'light up' their chalices and 'spliffs' in celebration.

States in The United States such as Colorado and California will have several elaborate celebrations to mark the day, and while the celebrations in Jamaica will not be as massive, local marijuana lovers will not be left out of the day's celebrations.

The second Annual Scarce Festival/ Innocent Plant Symposium and Cannabis Cup is set to take place at the Hope Gardens, St Andrew, between noon and 10 p.m. today, and according to organisers, the event is expected to leave patrons on a high.

The symposium will feature a Cannabis Business Summit and Expo with booths showcasing and discussing some medical cannabis products that are currently being researched and developed by local businesses and households.

The event will also feature growing and processing tutorials and strategy from industry experts Dr Kadamawe Knife, Dr Machel Emanuel, Dr Haughton, and others.

A concert is also scheduled to take place with poetry from Ras Takura, as well as music and dubbing by Teflonzincfence.

In addition, the annual Cannabis Cup will be hosted on the day with persons getting trophies and prizes in six categories best potential medical product, best potential medical product (topical), best CBD flowers, best THC flowers, best Ital (naturally grown) flowers, and best extract.

The event is an initiative of the Department of Economics, the Department of Government and the Department of Life Sciences, the University of the West Indies Medical Cannabis Group and the Centre for Ganja/Cannabis Research at the University of the West Indies in association with the Ganja Growers and Producers Association and the Cannabis Commercialisation Council.