Was Yanique and Marlon Samuels' feud fake? Was it just to hype up her new song?

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marlon-samuels-and-yanique-curvy-diva.jpgWas Yanique Curvy Diva's new song written BEFORE feud with Marlon Samuels?

So....having been the recipient of a whole heap of spotlight, social media hype and trolling in the last week, Yanique Cury Diva is now releasing a brand new single. Good on her. But a few questions need to be asked, even if they never get answered.

Curvy's PR machinery has just sent out a release that the media personality-turned-artiste, is now releasing a new single. Listen to the release: "The raunchy single 'Carry Feelings' talks about men who act out and disrespect women when they are unable to get what they want from them sexually."

Like W-O-W! Talk about perfect timing! Talk about seizing the moment! Talk about a perfectly orchestrated Kardashian type reality show! Talk about getting people to talk about Yanique so that they can then talk about the single.

Okay...so, all of last week, it was the Yanique and Marlon Samuels show - throw word, throw the entire shade tree, legal threats, bare wranglings. Persons were taken down a path that said that their carefully hidden affair ended on a supposedly sour note after top cricketer, Samuels (out of nowhere) was accused of stalking Yanique and turning up at her workplace (What workplace?), all in an effort to get Yanique, who says she didn't want him. Like really? Is this truly the behaviour of a Fortis man? Nah. Is this the behaviour of an icon? Nah. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark".

Then Insta Boy took to Instagram and explained his side of the story and it kinda sounded plausible. At least he redeemed himself somewhat. (Icon nuh suppose to mix up inna seh seh.) Anyway, he says he was really only trying to help Curvy and he didn't understand how things went so horribly wrong. In a release to the media, he threatened legal action.

Yanique's response? Bare laugh.

She had previously stated that the matter of him stalking her had been reported to the cyber crimes unit. Well, we are still waiting on confirmation from the Unit.

Anyway, after a lot of toing and froing, which played out on social media and saw them trending (perfect scenario for Yanique to drop a new song), them BAM! Yanique suddenly drops this new single which addresses this very same issue that has been the bone of contention.

Question. Was the song written first and then the actor or actors simply followed the script to get a hype for Curvy? Or is this Instagram feud really real as opposed to being fake and plastic?

According to Yanique's PR machinery, Yanique released the single to mark her one year anniversary as a recording artiste.

"I've worked hard in my first year and have seen myself develop as an artiste and song writer working with other strong writers. With the release of this 'Feelings' single I'm telling everyone to expect the unexpected and never try to put me in a box," Curvy Diva explained.

It is aimed at empowering women to be independent and walk away from any man who does not meet their 'boyfriend' criteria.

"Women have a choice and a right to be happy and if the man does not add up then you should be able to minus yourself from that situation without fear or intimidation, men who aren't claimable will always remain in the friend zone," Curvy Diva added.

All of this is just pure, undiluted, awesomeness. Nothing fake or plastic. Simply iconic.

Oh, by the way, this is another important part of the release. It says, don't forget to check out Yanique's Lifestyle Pool Party event, which is her official birthday party, April 29 at Constant Spring Golf Club in Kingston. You had all better go to see if Insta Boy will be there. -- Yasmine Peru