Strong police presence in Arnett Gardens

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police-cars.jpgA strong police presence has been established in Arnett Gardens following the murder of two young men in the area on Thursday.

The police said they have increased their numbers in the area to allay the fears of residents following the deadly attack on two brothers by heavily armed men.

Reports are that the victims - Akeem James, 25, and Damarley Wilson, 20 - were at their home when thugs kicked in the door to the house in which they lived and opened fire, hitting them multiple times.

The injured men were taken to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

A day after the attack, the residents of the community said they were worried that other attacks will come.

"Is a gang feud a take place in the area and right now we the citizens worried. We going to wi bed and wondering who will be next," said a woman from the community.

Head of the Western Kingston Police Division, Superintendent Howard Chambers, said police personnel are not only out in force monitoring the community, but have also stepped up their search for the men who were involved in the killing.

Police sources said investigators are following several leads in the killing, but were not prepared to disclose any details up to the time of publication.