Still no bail for Clansman leader Blackman or his mother

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Andre Bryan, the alleged leader of the Clansman gang, was again remanded when he appeared before the Home Circuit Court Friday afternoon.Bryan, otherwise called 'Blackman', was charged last month during a clampdown on members of the Spanish Town based gang.

He has been charged under the anti-gang legislation with leading a criminal organisation.

Six other members of the criminal network, including Bryan's mother, Millicent Brown, were also refused bail.

During a bail hearing for Brown Friday afternoon, prosecutors strongly opposed bail and argued that the 53 year old was a major player in her son's criminal enterprise. According to the prosecutors, over the last two years, Brown has been managing extortion money collected by the Clansman gang from businesses in Spanish Town and its environs.They say she also operated an illegal gambling enterprise for the gang in Spanish Town and used the cash to pay for legal services and to secure bail bonds for gang members who are arrested and charged. They added that Brown also used the illegal proceeds to support the families of gang members.

However, her attorney, Shannan Clarke, denied the allegations and argued that her client was only charged because she is the mother of Andre Bryan.

Bail was also refused for another defendant, Boswell Rhoden.

Prosecutors reported that Rhoden, who operated a shop in the Spanish Town bus park, facilitated the gang by hiding their weapons in his establishment.

They say high powered weapons are usually hidden in his shop by members of the Clansman gang.

His attorney, Leroy Equiano, said his client was a tattoo artist and was not associated or involved in the gang.