Missing 'farmers' were part of criminal network, cops say

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Police investigators say that the four men whose bodies were found buried in shallow graves in Pennants, Clarendon on Friday were part of a criminal network.Head of the Area Three police, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers says the men were involved in the drugs trade.

The four men were last week reported missing by relatives.

They are brothers Kevon and Clinton Hutchinson of Santa Cruz and Shawn Thompson and Alwin Griffiths, both of Schoolfield near Malvern.

Investigators have been combing a section of the Thomas River where their bodies were found, to determine whether the location was being used to dispose of the bodies of persons who have been murdered.

Reports are that the men could have been involved in the booming guns-for-drugs trade.

Earlier reports had stated that the men were farmers from St. Elizabeth, and they had all gone by car to a neighboring parish.

The girlfriend of one of the men has reportedly come forward to say that prior to him leaving on his journey he had given her his bank card and told her that if anything happened she was to use it as there was money in the bank.