Investigation launched into plot to kill ex Security Minister Robert Montague

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robert-montague-photo-2.jpgThe Police High Command has confirmed that an investigation has been launched into an alleged plot to kill former Minister of National Security Robert Montague.

The headline in Sunday's edition of The Gleaner revealed that gun runners based in the United States have placed a bounty on the life of the former Security Minister due to the Jamaican Government's crackdown on gun smuggling into the island.

The report suggests that members of the underworld who smuggle guns from the US via the Bahamas and Haiti into Jamaica are displeased with the crackdown on their business.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, the Police High Command confirmed the report and disclosed that a multi-jurisdictional investigation into the allegations has been launched.

The JCF said it is being assisted by its United States law enforcement counterparts with the investigation.

The probe began several weeks ago following intelligence fed to the High Command.

The statement added that the JCF takes all threats seriously and investigates them.