Hillel school says sorry for offensive slavery assignment

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The board of director at Hillel Academy, a privately run secondary institution, has apologized for a controversial history assignment given to students.

The apology come in the wake of social media uproar about the assignment, which some commentators argue seemed to legitimize slavery.

The assignment required students to create a model of punishment for slaves and give reason justifying the use of the method.

Among the options for punishment are shackles, collar, and cat-oh-9-tails whip.

The students were also required to discuss chosen punishment type as a demonstration of European civility.

In its statement, the board says on March 9, grade 9 students of Hillel academy received a history assignment called 'punishments for enslaved peoples.'

It says given the language used in the assignment, it accepts and understands the concerns that have been raised; and acknowledges that there should have been greater sensitivity in the wording of the assignment.