Beenie leaves d'Angel hanging, tells her certain behaviour 'inappropriate'

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beenie-and-d-angel.jpgBwoy, never a dull day in entertainment.

Everybody is talking about the way Beenie Man diss D'Angel at her birthday party. But D'Angel says she was not embarrassed, but people seem to think that she should be.

Well, all now we cyaan get over how she go pon stage to perform with Beenie and decide say she a go sing 'A One Man Mi Got' and a position herself fi Beenie whine pon her and the man just turn away. Tek way himself and leave her hanging. S-H-A-M-E!

Plus him tell her say that kind of behaviour was "inappropriate".

But Angel bounce back and say all who a talk need to get a life because it was not embarrassing at all.

People a say that Krystal, Beenie girlfriend, did give him a talk.

According to one commentator: "Beenie man was helping D angel with her birthday to earn a money we all know nothing going on for her big.She take it a bit too far.Not because he ex husband or baby father he would to dance .She would be more professional.He is in a serious relationship with someone that don't put them dutty laundry to the media. Angel did do Beenie bad years ago."

What a prekeh!!!! Tek a look below.